3 Simple Lighting Setups for Your Videos

Idea180_editor | 30 September

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of making a video. It can make the difference between beautiful and average, dynamic and flat, or stunning and amateurish. Thankfully, there are some simple lighting set-ups you can do that are almost guaranteed to make your video look great. Here are three of them:

1 – Paramount Lighting

Paramount lighting is said to be the most flattering style for the human face. It’s also a very simple set-up: take one very diffused light and light your subject in front and from above. A good way to diffuse the light is to point it up at the ceiling so it bounces softly on the subject.

This style works very well with subjects that move or don’t move around the space. Just move the light around depending on where the camera will be pointed, and voilà. 

2 – Three Point-Lighting

For this set-up, you will need (not surprisingly) three lights. This set-up is ideal for videos where the subject is sitting or standing in one place, like interviews or vlogs. The first light, which should be the most powerful one, should light the subject from the front, slightly to a side, slightly up. This is the main light. It should be diffused.

The second light, which should be dimmer than the main light, is called a fill light. It should light the shadows caused by the main light a little bit, so you can see some detail in the dark areas.

The third light is called a rim light. It should be placed so that it creates a little halo around the edge of the subject. Sometimes it’s placed way up behind the subject (but to a side so it’s not seen by the camera) and pointed and the subject’s hair.

The fill light and rim light can be coloured with some filters for some fun effects.

3 – Using the Light Resources

If the subjects of your video move around a lot, a good way to light them is using the lamps or other light sources that are in the space. You can’t really use them with a normal light bulb, though; you’ll need to make sure to find a more powerful, professional bulb, and that the lamp’s wiring can take the higher current. Mix this method with the Paramount Lighting, and you’ll have a very interesting lighting set-up that will guarantee your footage looking amazing.

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