4 Mistakes to Avoid While Shooting Video

David Champana | 23 July

Premiere videos must be produced in the cleanest and smoothest way possible. Relying on post-editing and post-production isn’t always the best choice. In this article, we will explain how to avoid the most common mistakes during video production, so you don’t waste your time (and money).

Too much exposition

When you expose a film or image for a shorter time than intended you sacrifice any possibility of normal image contrast. This is called the underexposure. On the other hand, when the image has too many white areas and the light takes over the image, we call it overexposure. A videographer must know how to handle speed and light sensitivity in a masterful way to ensure the best quality possible and even then, she’s always free to play with such settings to create certain effects, like silhouettes.

A good dynamic range allows for better pictures. If it is a camera with video options. At Kinetic Studios we have some of the best equipment out there to ensure outstanding quality.

Noisy audio

Excessive or low ambient noise that is filtered in outdoor recordings is the most common amateur mistake. This happens when we capture audio for our video. While there is certain software that allows you to virtually reduce some noise, you might also lose some quality in the process.

Unstable images

Sometimes we record a video and we do not have the proper equipment to ensure our image is stable. The best way to fix this is to use tripods to improve the quality of those recordings. Learning to move and position the camera with our hands and body is essential for some quality video.

Blurry images

Abusing the ISO capabilities of an SLR camera may result in a noisy or grainy image of poor quality. Manufacturers like Canon or Sony have gradually improved the ability to reduce the amount of noise in low light situations when we are recording.

Increasing the sensitivity of our camera for a clearer image may result in more noise than what we expected. The solution would be to have better lighting and equipment to ensure better image quality. There are many alternatives in the market for amateur recording, while better lightning equipment will come at a cost. 


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