4 Professional Tips for Directing a Video Shoot

Idea180_editor | 25 September

Directing the video is a very important part of video production. But just what does a director do? On a professional setting, a video director has two main tasks: choosing where the camera is pointed at, and guiding the performers. The director might also work with make-up, wardrobe, lighting, editing and especially the producers to make sure the video makes sense. Here are some professional tips for directing a video shoot:

1 – Choose your Shots Carefully

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to point a camera. A good idea is to get a general shot of all the performers doing their thing, and then shoot them individually. Close-ups bring the audience close, and wide shots can show the scale of what’s happening in your video. Play around with what feels best. And always remember to get a clean, bold shot of your product!

2 – Chat with the Performers

Whatever video you are shooting, chatting with the performers beforehand and getting everybody on the same wavelength is very important. If you’re not sure of what they should do, or how they should do it, listen to their input. You’re there to make them look good, and they’re there to make you look good!

3 – Plan and Prioritize

A good director generally has an idea of how the video will be but is ready not to be too precious about it. It’s best to identify, from all the ideas and shots and dialogue, which ones are essential for the video to make its point, to make sense, or to make the audience feel what you want them to feel. Besides that, you can get as wild as your budget will allow, with the comfort that the core of the video is set.

4 – Keep the Set Fun

A video shoot, big or small, can have a lot of moving parts and it’s natural to get stressed out. But let’s remember: videos are fun! The fun keeps people engaged when they watch your video, whatever it’s about. So keeping the set fun and light-hearted, embracing jokes and outtakes, is a great way for everybody to remember that video production, ultimately, is about giving some unknown audience a good time! It keeps people happy and working, so the end product gets to be the very best it can.

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