4 Professional Tricks for Editing Video

David Champana | 9 July

Stability and focus

It is essential to hold the device tightly with both hands while recording in order to give stability and focus to our videos. Obviously, better results can be obtained by using a tripod. You should avoid looking at the scene while filming and make sure the recording is smooth.

Subsequently, the user will have further control for each frame, doing so requires a powerful video editing software. Such as using an editor to animate both position and scale.

Lighting is everything 

When recording a video make sure that the place where the recording takes place is perfectly illuminated by a light source, otherwise, videos will be too dark or completely off.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in videography. In case the video has come out too dark, the individual does not have to worry since there are currently free programs to edit videos that have special effects that will allow you to clarify the image of the video.

Make sure your videos have the right angle

As mentioned above, recording videos vertically or with the device’s front camera is not recommended. To avoid this, it is ideal to add a grid that allows you to use your background as a reference point. Only then can the user make sure that the recording is not crooked.

Camera settings must be accessed to enable this feature, although it should be noted that some devices do not have it. The grid is used to align the video with a line in the background. The upper line of the same should be placed at eye level if people are being recorded.

Record videos with a wide-angle

Position yourself at a certain distance from the action in order to capture everything without moving the camera. Without a doubt, this is the best way to record videos.

The most recommended angle when recording birthday parties or other celebrations, such as weddings, bachelor parties and baptisms, is to position yourself at a higher height in comparison to the subject and point the camera down in order to record the action from above.


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