4 Tips for Better Audio

Idea180_editor | 1 September

Often times we think the most important aspect of a video’s quality is how it looks and will ignore the audio. This is a mistake: poor audio can often make an amazing-looking video seem amateurish and unprofessional. Here are some tips for getting the best audio possible on your videos:

1 – Shoot in Quiet Places

It may seem obvious, but shooting at a quiet place is the best way to get less noisy audio. Getting the least noisy audio possible is most important when characters talk; you may not even hear them if the ambient noise is too loud. You’ll need a good ear: sometimes there is more ambient noise than you realize. Generally shooting in an enclosed space, like a house, a building or a professional studio gives you more control over the ambient noise, as opposed to a city street, for example. Post-production can’t always solve audio issues, so it’s best to record carefully.

2 – Use Professional Microphones 

In a low budget production, it’s easy to just go for the integrated camera microphone. This is a mistake: the camera microphone is good for home video, but if you want to make a professional video, it’s best to get some clip-on or shotgun microphones on set, and a pro or semi-pro audio recorder. These microphones can be directed to record what you want, and filter out unwanted ambient noise.

Better yet, hire a professional service like Kinetic-Studios that already knows and understands how audio equipment works and what microphones are best to use in each situation.

3 – Get Professional Audio Post-Production

Nowadays there are many user-friendly software options for editing your own audio, and the internet offers a treasure trove of tutorials and tools for learning. However, it is a time-costly endeavour to learn these tools, and audio is a delicate science. If you want top-notch results, it’s best to hire a professional like Kinetic-Studios that knows the ins and outs of noise-removing, sound mixing and sound design. This way you can ensure that, even if the on-set audio recording wasn’t optimal, you’ll get the best results.

4 – Get Creative with Your Limitations

If you want your video to take place in a noisy place, you can always use that as a creative opportunity. Using voice-overs, dubbing or music, which can be recorded in a studio and will thus be practically noise-less, is a great way to get your video looking, and sounding, more professional.

If you’re looking for professional video production that includes sound design, graphics and multimedia design, look no further than Kinetic-Studios. We can help you make the best version of the ad campaign you have in mind. For more info, contact us at contact@kinetic-studios.com or give us a call at 877-216-5512.

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