4 Tips for Shooting Video Outdoors

Idea180_editor | 15 August

A park. A city. A forest. A beach. Even an outdoor wedding. Shooting outdoors is very popular, and you can capture some amazing images. However, if done unprepared, you may not get the best results for your video. Here are some tips for shooting outdoors:

1 – Pay Attention to the Sun

If you’re shooting outdoors, your main source of light is probably going to be the sun. However, the sun can be a hard ally to work with. If you’re shooting near noon, for instance, you can get some very harsh shadows; shooting under a tree, in cloudy conditions or at dusk are good ways to help this issue. You can also use a piece of white or reflective fabric to bounce some light onto the unwanted shadows, or better yet, hire a professional service like Kinetic-Studios to help you out.

2 – Mind the Audio

Outdoor settings can be difficult to control, audio-wise; it’s best to try and find as quiet a place as you can. If the ideal location has a lot of ambient sounds, be prepared to dub the audio later in a studio with a technician.

3 – Prepare for the Elements

When you’re shooting a video outdoors, it’s easy to forget that the outdoors can be a difficult place to work in. Sunblock, bug-repellent, umbrellas and plenty of water are a must-have. Even if it’s the city, it’s best to prepare for the shoot like it’s a hike. Dress for maximum comfort and mobility. If the place you’re going to shoot at is humid, windy or there’s a chance of rain, it’s very important to bring a tarp to protect your gear (and your crew!) from the water.

4 – Bring the Right Gear

Unless you have a big budget for transportation, shooting outdoors means you’ll have to be light on your feet. A small tripod and a Steadicam or gimbal are great assets to have. If you need more light, some small battery-powered LED panels can go a long way. A zoom lens can give you a lot of width variety without carrying a whole lens case (although you’ll need to shoot with a lot of light for best results). Bring more camera batteries than you think you’ll need, at full charge. A professional service like Kinetic-Studios can guide you through what gear is best to have for your budget, so you can achieve the best results.

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