4 Tips for the Best Video Post Production

Idea180_editor | 5 August

“We’ll fix it in the post!” is a very popular (and very infamous) saying in video production. Post-production is a very powerful tool, but it is not a magic fix for anything. If you want to get the best possible results out of your post-production, here are some useful tips:

1 – Mind the Focus & Lighting

Post-production can help you remove some unwanted objects, do some cool graphics and visual effects, or even something as simple as changing the look of the footage by adding some colours. However, you absolutely need to take care of focus and lighting during production.

In post-production, it’s possible to make in-focus footage appear out of focus, but not the reverse. It’s crucial to get enough takes to make sure everything is in focus during production.

Lighting is more forgiving. You can bring the brightness up in post-production, but it usually makes the footage appear noisy and “dirty”. Also, if the shadows are too deep, it is often not possible to lighten up the footage.

2 – Get Some References

During the post-production process, if you want a certain look to your video, or some VFX and graphics, it’s often useful to present the technicians with videos or photos that look similar to what you want. This way they can better understand your vision. If you’re doing the post-production by yourself, it is also useful because looking for references might help you learn how other people achieved something similar to what you want.

3 – Remember the Audio

An important part of video production that’s often forgotten is audio. You can take care of it by making sure you have the right microphones, choosing a quiet location, or arranging for some dubbing in post. Professional services like Kinetic-Studios can help you out during production so you can get the best results.

4 – Plan Ahead

As with most aspects of video production, post-production benefits greatly from careful planning. If, for example, you want some graphics to float next to the characters, you can plan and make sure there’s room for them in the frame while recording. If you’re not sure what shots you’ll want in the edit, you can make sure to shoot plenty of footage from different angles.

Plans won’t guarantee perfection, but they will help you get the best results within your timeframe and budget. Hiring a professional service like Kinetic-Studios is a great way to know what to plan for and make your video project amazing.

If you’re looking for professional video production that includes sound design, graphics and multimedia design, look no further than Kinetic-Studios. We can help you make the best version of the ad campaign you have in mind. For more info, contact us at contact@kinetic-studios.com or give us a call at 877-216-5512.

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