6 Video Production Mantras for Premiere Videos

David Champana | 2 July

Nowadays, having a premier video production is everything. Whether you’re a Youtuber, a small company or an artist, investing in high-quality video production does pay off. If you’re interested in learning more about the process here are our 6 video production mantras:

1. Production is everything

When you hire a video and music production agency like Kinetic-Studios, we make sure everything goes according to your plan. Which includes

  1. How many videos will be shot, and which platforms will be featured?
  2. Which kind of equipment is necessary?
  3. Who is our target audience?
  4. Storytelling roundup (What’s the story behind the production?)


2. The ideal length

Depending on the objectives of the campaign, the duration may vary. Although there are no written and rigid rules on this topic, it is necessary to use logic and commercial instinct:

For quick and impactful product promotion, a video between 30 and 60 seconds will be more than enough. Every second needs to be on point and get the user’s attention immediately.

Other longer videos can be used for large-scale campaigns that require a different type of advertising. In this case, it is necessary to take advantage of storytelling to catch the customer’s attention. It is even advisable to make a shorter version of these video clips to alternate them in the strategy.


3. Sound is king

A beautiful and impeccable image must be accompanied by a spectacular sound. Choosing the right format can help you achieve better results:

First, you have the Stereo quality, as it offers good output power through two conventional channels. Then there’s Dolby and any of its variations, such as Surround 5.1 or TrueHD. It’s a good system that helps reduces noise, highlights dialogs and creates a very striking environmental effect. And there’s DTS, a system that offers excellent sound quality across six channels.


4. Musicalization

The right music sets the right tone. Simple, yet complicated. It’s not only about evoking powerful emotions but to enforce the message and tone of the video. To get the message across we make sure not to go the cliché-way. There are enough sentimental videos with pianos out there, and the audience can’t be fooled anymore. 

Take musicalization seriously, and your video will stand out from the rest.


5. Pacing: Right on time

Videos are nothing but audiovisual stories, and stories need pacing. The flow of the action should be consistent, without being too intricate with the details or without annoying the viewer with too much information. The transitions for most videos should be subtle (that’s when Kinetic-Studios come in handy) we make sure to make every second as valuable as possible to achieve your core goal. 


6. Light and photography

Proper lighting is everything. In fact, most content creators fail to achieve a professional look because they lack the tools and proper lighting. At Kinetic-Studios we have both the preproduction and postproduction tools to help you out. Making sure to always achieve an aesthetic and impactful effect.


If you’re looking for a video production company, that handles sound design and graphic and multimedia design. At Kinetic-Studios we can help you with your campaign. For more info, contact us at contact@kinetic-studios.com or call us: 877-216-5512

Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram: @kineticstudios1 to check our more recent work.


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