Is Your Camera Focus Ok? Here’s The Answer

David Champana | 25 July

You’ve probably been there: you spend a whole day recording and once you watch the footage you notice it’s blurred, or the camera focus is far away from what we expected.

An easy way to check if our focusing system works well is to review or focus points when previewing images. That is, to check the square from where we choose to focus and see if the focus is actually there (ahead or behind.)

Not all cameras have the option to make these precision adjustments over autofocus, and each model has a different micro-adjustment configuration mode. So, if you’re wondering how to check if your camera is working properly, we have a few tips for you:


Focus shift

Focus shift happens when we manage to focus at full aperture, this approach occurs at a distance closer to the optical centre at the same distance, closing even if it’s only half-step the diaphragm. The focus will be achieved a little further from the optical centre.

In that case, the full-open approach will only work when we take photos at full aperture; if we capture the footage with a tighter diaphragm, the focus will always move backwards.

We’ll detect if our target has that problem by taking photos of an object. The right distance to take these photos is 50x, i.e.

We will have to multiply by 50 the focal length of the lens. In this case, it is 50mm, we will get 2.50m from the object. 


Front focus and back focus

Front Focus is when the camera sets the focus distance ahead of the object on which you intended to focus. The nearest object in footage would appear sharper, when in fact you’re focusing on a central one.

Back Focus, it also occurs when the camera focuses at a distance farther on which the object focus is located. Example: An object that is farther away looks sharper. Checking this on your cameras will only take some minutes and you’ll greatly improve the quality of your work for both videos and photos.


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