Top tips for choosing a location for premier video and or film productions.

David Champana | 1 October

Before initiating the search for a suitable location, you must first have a clear outline of the story you wish to tell. Remember, you will be faced with a thousand possibilities: urban areas, historic buildings, natural landscapes and more. However, the site of your choosing must be practical yet above all it must serve as a complement to your vision for storytelling. Therefore, having a clear and detailed script before starting your search is a very good idea.

Three main things to consider when choosing a location to achieve a premier video production are budget, strategies for location scouting and atmosphere. 

With this in mind, you should start off by considering your total available budget and a corresponding strategy that will allow you to choose your location and create the atmosphere you’re after. 

  1. Budget

Shooting on a budget is no excuse for missing out on the best locations for premier video production. If you are on a tight budget, you must be very careful in selecting a site which is not too far from your headquarters, longer distances translates in higher costs. Transporting your crew, actors and equipment can quickly add up to the total costs of video production. A list of things that can impact your budget and that you might want to check beforehand include:

  1. Verify the location provides adequate voltage and power supply.  
  2. Check the need for legal permits and be sure to obtain them in advance.
  3. Check if noise limitations apply.
  4. Security.
  5. Parking facilities.
  6. Refreshments and restroom facilities nearby.
  7. You may also check in the web, the local availability of services and equipment rentals.

Preparing for these things ahead of time will help ensure filming on the day goes smoothly and with minimal unexpected interruptions.

Always be prepared with alternate power sources, batteries and cameras. Make sure your equipment is properly insured as losing a day of filming due to unexpected events might cost you more than the insurance. On top of that, you might want to take additional media storage solutions with you to backup your progress throughout the day. 

  1. Scouting the location for premier video production.

Depending on your client and the purpose of the video, there are several ways you can ensure the location is a perfect match for premier video production. Scouting the location you wish to film in is important as it will give you the feel of the location and an idea of whether it meets all of your requirements.

To select what type of location you need according to the specifications of your client, you should consider:

  1. Taking pictures of the possible sites or locations and showing them to the client. This is much less costly than travelling to all possible locations with your client. This can help you rule out some locations and choose the ones that appeal more to the client and are a better fit for the project. You can store these pictures and use them for future projects. Alternatively, you use web-based services in supplying locations as:

Or Use Google with images and a keyword as search, to get different samples pictures. 

Search word not to be limited to places, you can also search for:

Medieval sceneries, medieval castle, natural live sceneries, adult couple sceneries, cute baby sceneries, cute baby girl sceneries, …

  1. According to the type of product you are producing content for, or story you want to tell, you might have to make adjustments to the film site. Some aspects may be changed in post-production, but it’s important to make note of those that will need to be addressed on the day for obtaining a premier video production.
  2. Check the availability of electric power, if you are shooting in the countryside or hard to reach location you need to consider having a backup power supply.
  3. After you select the place, you should visit it during the hours of the day when you plan to film, to check the light and how the site looks.
  4. If you choose to film abroad, it may be convenient to consult your tax advisor.


The story you wish to tell has to be filmed in a location that reflects the corresponding historical data, in the hour of the day and right place. Most importantly it has to exploit the various feelings and or wishes, your client and you, intend to pass to the viewers. 

It’s important to pay attention to detail when first scouting a location to reach the quality of premier video production. Make notes and take pictures of the site to remind you of the imagery or signs that will need to be changed in order to achieve the desired atmosphere.


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