Types of Tripods and When to Use Them

David Champana | 16 July

When it comes to premiere videos, stability is key. There are different types of tripods, for amateurs or professionals. The main differences are in the material with which they are built, the stability, the fluidity, the weight they can bear and the weight we have to carry around during filming sessions.


  • Aluminium tripods are cheaper than carbon tripods and provide similar stability. If you take your videos in a controlled and closed environment, a sturdy aluminium tripod will work wonders for you.
  • Carbon tripods are much lighter than aluminium tripods, but also more expensive. If you are fond of going up the mountain and travelling considerable distances with the tripod in tow, do not hesitate, a carbon tripod is a must.


With a compact or mirrorless camera, we can use the mini tripods. They are very practical for small spaces, more domestic uses or travel. Inside the mini tripods, we find the non-rigid ones such as the spider or the gorilla, a variation that allows adjusting the legs to any surface. It is not recommended to use mini tripods with professional cameras because they support a limited amount of weight.

  • The monopods are a single-legged stand, very practical for places of reduced space. They are less stable than a tripod, but easier to carry. A monopod is a good reinforcement for working camera in hand.


When to use a tripod

There are some situations where it is more than advisable to use a tripod, here are some examples:

  • In long exposure situations such as night photography
  • When we want to take multiple photographs from the same frame
  • In a professional studio
  • In storms
  • In any photo where we need to avoid photo blur
  • When using telephoto lenses, when we focus at a great distance
  • On long recordings, so as not to charge so long with the camera
  • When using self-shooting for self-portraits 


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